What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, which involve direct, one way messaging to consumers, non-linear digital marketing strategies are centered on reaching prospective customers across multiple online channels.

Combined with higher consumer knowledge and the demand for more sophisticated consumer offerings, this change has forced many businesses to rethink their outreach strategy and adopt or incorporate omnichannel, nonlinear marketing techniques to maintain sufficient brand exposure, engagement, and reach. Nonlinear marketing strategies involve efforts to adapt the advertising to different platforms, and to tailor the advertising to different individual buyers rather than a large coherent audience. Digital marketing strategies may include the use of one or more online channels and techniques (omnichannel) to increase brand awareness among consumers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

70% of marketers list increasing brand awareness as their number one goal for marketing on social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are listed as the top platforms currently used by social media marketing teams.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services. It can also be a softer sell to educate your audience on the value of your brand or keep them engaged between purchases.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automatic repetitive tasks. Here, tasks and processes are interpreted, stored and executed by software which increases efficiency and reduces human error. Marketing Automation refers to a broad range of automation and analytic tools for marketing, especially inbound marketing. This platform allows marketers to automate and simplify client communication by managing complex omni-channel marketing strategies from a single tool. Marketing Automation assists greatly in areas like lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and scoring, relationship marketing, cross-sell and upsell, retention, measuring ROI measurement and others. There are three categories of marketing automation software, they are Marketing intelligence, Marketing automation and Advanced workflow automation.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the largest online advertising platforms that helps businesses reach customers across the globe and grow their businesses. Through this pay per click network, advertisers pay Google to target users based on their keyword search, the country and device type and deliver their ads to users who are interested in their products or services. They allow businesses to target users on two main networks-the search and the display network.

On the search network, advertisers bid on the relevant keywords. This gives them a display to users of their advertisements who enter those keywords into Google as part of the search query. The display network, on the other hand, offers advertisers the chance to display their banner advertisements on the websites that are part of the Google network. The features are Keyword Planner, AdWords Express, Google Ads Editor, Google Ads Manager Accounts, Reach Planner, Remarketing, Placement-targeted advertisements, Ad Extensions and The Google Ad. Whenever a user conducts a search on Google, AdWords runs an auction to determine which search ads are displayed on the search results page as well as the ad’s position. The cost of Google AdWords campaign therefore depends on a variety of factors, including the maximum amount an advertiser is willing to pay per click, the keywords being bid on, and the relevance and click frequency of ads and ad extension.


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